Participation and Public Monitoring

«Participation» and «Social Control» (Public Monitoring) are important concepts within the political system of Bolivia. Their meaning is defined in the constitution and in different laws. The «Bodies of Participation and Public Monitoring» are are elected by the civil society within the municipalities and have a legal status that is defined in the national constitution.

> Legal foundations

The basic concerns of Participation and Social Control are:

… guaranteeing the correct execution of construction projects

… avoiding the misuse of public fiscal resources

… guaranteeing fair distribution and an efficient use of public fiscal resources for appropriate projects

… guaranteeing that public offices are held by competent and trustworthy representatives

… guaranteeing the implementation of projects and proposals which really meet the needs of the population in the corresponding municipality

… coordinating and controlling the annual operative plans with the mayor and the council of the corresponding municipality

… monitoring the activities of public management and enterprises which use public fiscal resources in order to guarantee a correct and regular execution

Asociacion de Comites de Vigilancia de Santa Cruz