Strengthening civil society

As the umbrella organisation of the «Bodies of Participation and Public Monitoring» (Participación y Control Social, PyCS) in the department of Santa Cruz, ACOVICRUZ pursues the aim of contributing to the social and political change of Bolivia – with the development of a culture of transparency, citizen participation and the fight against corruption.

The point is not only to guarantee the rights of the citizens, but also to initiate a change in Bolivia’s society so that the civil society considers itself as a part of a pluralistic democracy, knows and exercises its rights and can rely on their representatives, who should commit themselves to ensuring transparency in the public administration while fighting against corruption and representing the interests of the citizens.

> What does «Participation and Public Monitoring» mean?

> Legal foundations

> What does ACOVICRUZ do?

Asociacion de Comites de Vigilancia de Santa Cruz